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white sage and palo santo wood sticks twined together

White Sage & Palo Santo wood bundles


White Sage and Palo Santo wood bundles

Comes with-

- 2pc bundle

- Authentic locally grown white sage

- Ethically sourced Palo Santo wood

Perfect for cleansing yourself, your home, and new items such as jewelry and crystals!

White sage is a common herb used for smudging in Indigenous nations. It eliminates negative energy by attaching itself to negativity found within the space.

Palo Santo wood releases it’s purifying properties when burned. On top of purifying, it is also thought to remove obstacles and bring good fortune to the person of use.

Every order here at LoulousJewelry is shipped within 1-3 business days and packaged securely ( no broken crystals/ Jewelry) ! Each order also come a freebie and care guide.

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